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Mario Chavez

In 1995, Mario Chavez moved from California to Shreveport with the intent to stay for only one summer. Twenty-six years later, with the exception of a few breaks, Mario is still calling Shreveport his home. Those breaks include enlistment in the United States Army for formal training in Fort Benning, Georgia, advanced individual training for satellite communication and GPS tracking systems at Fort Gordon, Georgia, deployment for Operation Iraqi Freedom, Kuwait/Iraq, activation for Hurricane Katrina, as well as support for Hurricane Gustov and Lily. 

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Caddo Parish Commissioner

This is leadership!!! Caddo Parish Commissioner Mario Chavez is not an elected leader in City of Shreveport but has responded more today than any of the city elected officials. Thank you Mario Chavez!

TimDiana Euler

Our family had a great day!!! My brother Mario Chavez Caddo Parish Commissioner Mario Chavez fed his southern hills family and we fed our highland one!! We are for the people! We gotta stick together!! The people are the back bone of the community. We’re wheels on the ground! Never forget that! Let’s stay this close as the storm brought us!

Turaeza Lopez

Caddo Parish Commissioner Mario Chavez had an amazing turn out at the Southern Hills clean up this morning. So proud 💛

LeMika Colbert Jackson

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