The First 100 Days of Chavez Administration

When we launched our campaign, we promised that we would meet in every district within our city. We have done that. We have also stated that we would create a plan that came from the people through the town halls and meetings. That is what the following items consist of. This is the 100-day plan for the Chavez Administration. By accomplishing these items, we will lay a proper foundation and direction for the remainder of our administration.


In our conversations, crime has been at the top of the list. People have voiced repeatedly concerns regarding crime in our city. In the first 100 days here is what we plan on accomplishing:

1. Establish a Fight on Crime Commission

We have already committed to establishing a consistent meeting between all needed stakeholders
in Shreveport and Caddo that fight crime. This meeting will be followed by a press conference to give community updates. Crime numbers will be presented in a transparent fashion, and we will organize effective partnership between all stakeholders.

2. Add additional support to the Shreveport Police Department

We applaud the current police department leadership. We will partner with the chief and continue the fight on crime. We would like to create a list of items that can be added to support our police and first responders. In talking with police and first responders we believe there are additional strategies that can be implemented to increase safety.

  1. We will review and implement the hiring of retired, capable police officers to work traffic calls and become resource officers at local schools. These officers will be used to work traffic/accident calls after medical transports are completed. These support officers will work to make certain the intersections are clean and prepared for reuse.
  2. We will work hand in hand with current leadership, making certain that morale is high and that we have departments that are valued and appreciated.
  3. We will hold listening sessions for all levels of the police and fire department employees to hear their thoughts and opinions.
  4. We will create a plan for retention and recruitment. We believe there is a need to review benefit packages and offer incentives to come and remain in Shreveport. This plan could include access to paid college degrees and other like incentives.
  5. We will work to make certain that both the Shreveport Police Department and Shreveport Fire Department have the best training and resources at their disposal.
3. Increase Neighborhood Programming and Patrols

We will work with Shreveport Police Chief and other local departments to increase patrols in high crime areas. Talking with local citizens we believe creating more impactful and effective neighborhood watch groups will assist in the reduction of crime. We will bring to the table neighborhood leaders to create a plan of self-monitoring and reporting.

4. Review and make fully functional Real-Time Crime Center

It is vital that the investment made in the Real-Time Crime Center be used effectively. We will review real-time crime centers in other cities and make our center fully functional. This will include added accountability to the funding provided.

5. Create Haven Houses around Shreveport

It is vital that we invest into each community and work in partnership with local non-profits to establish well organized and functioning haven houses around Shreveport. In the first 100 days, we will sit down and begin these conversations to identify/create/build safe houses all around Shreveport.

6. Enhance community centers as resources

In partnership with Caddo Public Schools and libraries, we will work to enhance and grow the community centers around Shreveport. We believe fully functioning community centers in all neighborhoods are needed. These centers should have the ability to link citizens in need with non-profits and food banks around Shreveport.

7. Implementation of Mental Health Platoon

We will create a plan to increase the number of mental health workers that report to mental health calls, removing officers from the need to remain and handle some of these situations.

A Cleaner City

8. Fix Lights around Shreveport

We will commit that in the first 100 days to correct 50% of the lights currently not functional in our city. The focus will be on the high traffic and high crime areas. We will work closely with all responsible stakeholders to make certain our city is re-lit. We will hold accountable those that hold the responsibility in making certain our lights are fully functioning.

9. Create Quarterly Neighborhood Cleanups

As we have done in the Southern Hills community that I represent as Caddo Commissioner, we plan on creating quarterly neighborhood cleanups. We will work with local neighborhood organizations to adapt a community plan.

10. Review and Establish Plan with City Building Inventories

We believe the city has too much inventory on its liability worksheet. We will work to identify those facilities and remove them from the city’s liabilities. Our plan is to send out recruiters to bring new businesses to Shreveport, offering incentives for new businesses to be created in Shreveport. We will work to streamline the process for builders and architects to thrive in Shreveport as new life is brought back. Focus will be placed on a complete review of the UDC, while fully reviewing the 2030 master plan.

11. Declare Shreveport Open for Business

We will create a task force to bring small businesses back to Shreveport in a manner that has never been done before. We will remove red tape for businesses to open in Shreveport and create an environment that promotes small business ownership.

12. Create a schedule and training for city upkeep

Our city has so much potential. We must create a proper schedule for mowing and maintenance upkeep in all areas in our city. We will provide training where needed.

13. Establish a plan to revitalize downtown

The heart of our city is our downtown. We need to make our downtown a place where people want to come. We will begin to conduct research on how to properly use our river front and add life to our downtown area. We will begin to establish a plan to transform our downtown in ways that have been done in other cities around America. Only look to San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and others. It can and will be done.

14. Review city budgets and accountability

We believe the city of Shreveport has enough of a tax base to make Shreveport worth living in. Our plan is to review each department, starting with the office of the mayor, and reduce waste by creating accountability. We must manage properly the resources given to us, using them to advance Shreveport into the next 20 years.

Customer Service

15. Have departmental meetings to enhance city employee morale

Investment in city employees is essential. We must work to make certain our employees are respected and valued. When the people who are working for our city believe they are valuable, they in turn will offer a level of customer service that every citizen of Shreveport expects. Investment in city employees will be a top priority.

16. Create City App to monitor Shreveport’s infrastructure

We live in an age of technology. We will create an app that allows all of Shreveport to report potholes, lights out, rundown houses, and other items that need to be addressed by city government. We will attach to this system a plan for reporting and correction that includes layers of accountability and appropriate response times.

17. Implement customer service monitoring systems on phone calls

We must train and hold accountable our city employees as we respond and work with citizens of Shreveport. These monitoring systems will allow for advanced training and increased response to our citizens.

18. Revitalize and utilize our downtown airport

We have two great airports in Shreveport. Our city needs a complete review and potential overhaul of how we use our two airports. This is one area that can enhance the growth of our city and grow potential customers and businesses. We will appoint Major General James W. Graves as liaison to airport services.

19. Create an effective and fair employee healthcare plan

We believe our city employees and retirees should have a health care plan that is appropriate to fit their needs. We understand the challenges of costs and will review accordingly. No employee or retiree should be asked to change their healthcare provider. We believe all health care systems in Shreveport should be utilized.

20. Transparency in all city departments

We believe the citizens of Shreveport deserve transparency with how their tax dollars are used.

We will implement departmental reports that are released to the citizens quarterly. For example, we will commit to releasing water testing reports and access information on the city website.

By accomplishing these 20 items in the first 100 days, we will set a course for Shreveport. These items have come from listening to the people throughout Shreveport. We have stated from the start, we would create a plan, based on the people and their desires. This is the first 20 items that we believe are needed to right the course of our city. We cannot do this alone. This will take work from every employee of Shreveport and every citizen of Shreveport. We will work with community leaders, elected officials, employees, and anyone who can bring Shreveport Together for a greater future.

Together Shreveport Will Win!