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Kingdom of God Ministries Town Hall Meeting (District B)

July 19 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

3 most pressing topics:

  • Crime
  • Clean
  • Customer Service


City Hall needs to change.  Customer service needs to improve.

  • Mario earned salesman of the year
  • The city leadership has no vision
  • “If you see something wrong, do something about it” is the mentality we should have.


On the Crime front:

How do we combat Crime?

  • Change to contract employees to improve the police force.
  • Change the budget to implement a better salary for officers.
  • We need to compartmentalize crime.  Caddoconnect.org will be in place for prevention.  It will provide resources and house one access point for all data and resources.


City Hall needs to be working for everyone.  The team needs to put customers and citizens first.

  • Street lights.
  • How do we get more bang for our buck?
  • Decrease man hours=increases profitability.
  • Crowd source by utilizing our phones with a mobile app. The mobile app is used to identify and submit outages and problems.
  • Accountability and reporting allows for lesser phone calls which means fewer overworked employees.


Topic discussed:

  • What does people over politics mean?

No Party means a representative of everyone and works as a city of Shreveport leader.


  • As a former registered republican, what you do have to offer the black community?

Are we ready to say we don’t want a city working together?


  • If elected, what is the first thing in order to combat crime?

Ask the police what they need.


  • lobby an education superintendent

BP Oil is a company implementing a local project to mentor and teach kids robotics.


  • Prioritizing citizenship over ingenuity

Accountability needs to happen.  As the Mayor, I will be an advocate for the citizens.  We have to know the people and what the neighborhoods need.

Re-Present the will of the people.  As the Mayor, I will be in the city working.  It can’t be this neighborhood vs the other neighborhood.

We want to spur home ownership and show the American dream.


  • How do you work with a divided City Council?

Hire qualified people, not my friends.


  • What about a building for the homeless community to use the restroom?

Just like Austin, TX tiny villages can be built using shipping containers.  The homeless can be taught to be self sustaining utilizing arts, crafts, gardening, etc.  This is caring for everyone!


  • One person can make a difference. Who inspired you to make a change.  Everyone in the room has potential.

People can’t get past the politics.  We all have the agenda of “a better city.”


  • How will you handle the trach issue?

It will not happen overnight.  We will all have to work together to clean it up.


  • You mentioned a recruiting bonus. Why not focus on the current officers?

We will have to reach out to Baton Rouge state Legislators and lobby for changes at the state level.


  • Helping the homeless.

We have to get creative with our ideas. Utilize connexes  (recycled shipping containers) to provide much needed housing to homeless families.   Plan to grow their skills in gardening, cooking, etc


  • What is your ideal identity for Shreveport?

We need to dig deep and think what we are known for.  We need to capitalize on our food, culture, and heart for the arts.

We can start a culinary school.

We can be poised for growth and operate as a global hub.


  • How will you revitalize the river front?

Work with the Red River Waterway Commission to incentivize other businesses to come here to Shreveport for free rent at first.

The downtown airport is poised for amazing growth.


  • What would you do for existing homeowners in the heart of Allendale?

Deem areas an opportunity zone, assist with home improvement loans at the bank, and assist with writing homeowner grants.



July 19
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Kingdom of God Ministries
600 Peabody St.
Shreveport, LA 71103 United States