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Southern Trace Town Hall Meeting (District D)

August 23 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Quick Bio of Commissioner Chavez:

  • A businessman with time and no treasures
  • awarded 2016 Business Owner of the year by the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce
  • Customer Service is important to run a successful business


The campaign is building lists of things to accomplish

  • when you push a vision, the people have to understand
  • Top priorities needed today:  CRIME, CLEANLINESS, CUSTOMER SERVICE
  • Imagine a great product=low crime, clean streets, high performing customer service
  • attracting police officers with sign on bonuses; abate property taxes for officers just like the military does for wounded veterans.  This will take lobbying with City Council members.


Mental Health issues:

There are only 2 officers on the police department running this department.  We have asked police officers directly, “what do you need?”  They always state, “a day off.”

  • Ranks need to be increased.
  • Officers need more gear
  • Allow officers to wear normal clothes while on duty to decrease the threat factor to citizens.


Police officers used to have free education.  

  • incorporate free education which will attract more officers to Shreveport and in turn we have more educated officers on the department.


Command and Control can be implemented. 

  • signals can be sent to identify gunshot origination using technology which enhances response and arrival to the scene much quicker



  • neighborhood cleanups and keep the neighborhood and people accountable for their area


Explanation of People over Politics

  • focusing on who we are, not whether we are Republican or Democrat, Libertarian, etc.  It is how we serve, not what party we belong to.


What is your opinion on cameras?

  • I believe in cameras, but they need to be strategically placed.  The person at the Mayor’s office reviewing this data needs to be making sound decisions on the best locations for these cameras.


Elaborate more on the city needs to be run like a business. 

  • Hire qualified people for the job, not my friends.
  • I’m firm, but fair.
  • Demand accountability at City Hall
  • I don’t want to the be the mayor, but I want a good city.
  • The City is a for-profit business
  • Currency has to move and accountability is a must!

Shreveport is poised for growth!


When crime, cleanliness, and customer service is achieved how will you focus on economic growth?

  • look at how to get buildings back into commerce
  • incorporate pilot programs at the downtown airport teaching people how to fly
  • capitalize on Shreveport’s identity-ie, culinary schools, pilot programs, etc.
  • start feeder programs to teach forensic pathology while working at the amazing North LA Crime Lab right here in Shreveport
  • show kids locally what there is to offer
  • plan to turn around dilapidated buildings downtown


How to you plan to work with a divided City Council?

  • my job as a mayor is to run a city with a qualified staff.  Approach the City Council with “we are making a change like so.”
  • I have worked with others across party lines with my Commission seat to get things accomplished for 7 years.


What is the first thing you will do as the mayor of Shreveport? 

  • Give God the glory!

Do you think the city should pay for transgender sex surgery?

  • By law, you have to offer healthcare for all, especially if you are a public entity.  It is federally illegal to discriminate as an employer.

Our focus will be on happy, joyous employees providing happy joyous customer service.  This will produce happy citizens.


How will you bring Shreveport and Bossier?

  • Meet with officials and work together like I have always done.


How will you enforce property standards?

  • Be the squeaky wheel and navigate the waters for businesses working with the MPC.  Help the MPC to be more customer friendly.


How will you advocate for public schools teachers and getting them more benefits and higher pay? 

  • the Caddo Parish School Board is in charge of education, not the Mayor or Commission office.  But, we do have to work together and not operate in silos.  The people in the community need to work together and identify where help is needed.
  • The budget can be reviewed to account for growth.

Why vote for Mario?

  • Vote for me because I care and want to invest in us as a city.



August 23
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Southern Trace Country Club
200 Southern Trace Parkway
Shreveport, LA 71106 United States
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