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Western Hills Baptist Church Town Hall Meeting (District G)

June 21 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Previous meeting recap:

  • Trade schools revolves around our children, homes, and families
  • Crime Stoppers cold case division is working with families with cold cases to spread the word in the city and educate people on how to provide anonymous tips.  Get involved.  If you see something, say something.  Every victim will have their own page on the Crime Stopper’s website that includes a photo, the story, and an option for others to donate.  Crime Stoppers is partnering with Lamar Advertising to feature victims on billboards throughout the city to direct the community to their website.

Topics discussed:

  • Crime prevention

Solution: work with companies, such as BP to prepare students and kids.  There needs to be collaborative investment into kids, such as after school programs.  The whole community needs to be involved.  This will take time to build a vision.  Shreveport can become a tech hub city.

  •  How do we stop these kids from participating in crimes and violence?

Solution: Compassion for Lives is a group that invests in lives of formerly incarcerated men/women that want to help young kids and teach them not to follow the same path.

  •  Police department’s budget issue

Solution: Contract workers to train the force to cut overhead costs

  •  How do we teach kids what is right?  Parents are teaching their children how to steal.

Solution: The Mayor needs to always be available and churches need to come together to pray for the community.

Get to know your neighbors and develop relationships.

  •  Ask police officers, “what can we do to help?”

Solution:  Give them a day off.

  • Brothers Helping Others is a group out in the community working in the streets to get the word out.  Resources need to be provided to the community.

Solution: Caddoconnect.org  is a site in the works that will house a central location with information with all resources.

  •  People over politics meaning: Help everyone, not just one person or party.  Put aside race and politics and focus on what’s best for the city and the people.
  • Difficulty dealing with the City, i.e. having your water bill explained.

Solution: With Mario’s tech background, he can help develop and make Apps to report and research issues in the city.  Examples to report:   dark streets, therefore more crime.  If lights are on with a police presence, less crime ensues.
Accountability and progress expected when emails are cc’d showing when tickets have been completed.  When tickets are shown as worked, this confirms things are getting done.
Where are pot holes?  Where are the lights that are out?  The City of Shreveport App can be maintained in the City.-City Hall can then see when all lights are on.  This is also utilizing someone with a vision to better the city.

The City of Shreveport needs someone that cares about the city, not a paycheck.
The City of Shreveport needs an approachable Mayor.
The people do not want barriers to get to the Mayor. We have to stop divisiveness.
We have to collectively want to change the city with the Mayor.  The Mayor can not do it by himself.  This is our city; we have to be willing to work to see change.
  • How can we help the police department?

Solution: increase pay, offer bonuses, ie sign on bonuses specifically for the area they are located in.

  • City Hall budget

Solution: focus on core employees that show efficiency.  City Hall employees are not happy.  If you take care of the people, they will take care of customers.

  •  Empty buildings across the City

Solution:  City needs to hire investors from other cities to invest here rent free for the first few years.  This improves the economy, enhances the culture.  Culture gets richer, therefore the city booms.

  •  Ways to increase revenue

Solution:  Get water supply from the Red River.  Start a pilot school at the downtown airport.

  • Trades are gone.

Solution:  teach people to learn trades. Teach kids to see value in themselves.  Retirees can teach value and skills.  They will then respect themselves and others and be less likely to commit crimes.  Kids need to learn remorse and how to value people and property.

  •  Prayer and Churches coming together can reach the hearts of the community.


June 21
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Western Hills Baptist Church
4153 Pines Rd.
Shreveport, LA 71119 United States