We want your feedback and recommendations to make Shreveport the very best

Together Shreveport can be a place each of us are proud of. Let’s make Shreveport a destination city. Below tell us how you would make Shreveport clean. 


    I have had many questions about recycling and what we are going to do about it, and will we bring it back. I want our citizens to know how important I believe this topic is to us as a city and to the next generation.

    I grew up in southern California and from a young age we had multiple Tupperware bins in our kitchen to sort out the various trash types. I was shocked when I moved to Shreveport as a teenager 27 years ago and recycling was not a daily chore. I recall us finally getting a blue can and feeling proud that Shreveport was progressing as a community. I was surprised to find out that paper was the only product recycled even though we made it a point to separate out glass items as well.

    Here we are today in 2022 and as a city we have reverted back to my teen memories, a city that is not considerate of the environmental impact we are making. That upsets me and I know we have a responsibility to right that wrong. Besides working diligently to secure a recycling solution for our city for paper and glass, I also have a goal to add a 3rd trash can to include yard clippings.
    We are blessed to live in an area of the country with a high water table and thus lush green vegetation. Many tons of organic matter go into our landfill every month and we are literally throwing away revenue.

    Other cities have harnessed these assets as compost and sell them back to citizens and neighboring communities as well as use them for their own gardening/landscaping needs. ( Read More) Other communities also have implemented smokeless incinerators to burn this matter and reduce the amount of waste entering our landfill.

    Lastly, we are blessed with a port. When other dry arid cities are dealing with droughts and sterile soil instead of throwing our organic waste in the landfill we can capitalize on this asset and devise a plan to sell and ship this compost across the country.

    Our city needs fresh ideas and vision and this is exactly what we can do when we are working together.

    Together Shreveport Will Win!

    Neighborhood clean ups city wide!

    Southern Hills has enjoyed quarterly clean ups for the last seven years. It's time the entire city benefits from our proven track record. 


    The budget created and money spent by the City of Shreveport should be viewed as the people's money. When the citizens of Shreveport pay taxes, they should easily see where those taxes go. A house, a business, a city should never spend money on items not needed, should always remain within their means, and should plan for a rainy day. Frivolous spending can be no more. A clean budget includes doing more with the resources you have already been given. The guardrails to creating a "Clean Budget" are as follows:

    Transparency - A government entity must understand they are not spending their money, but the people's money. Communication and easy access to understanding where spending occurs is critical.
    Accountability - Department heads and departments must be held to high ethical standards that promote fiscal responsibility and long term funding sources for the city.
    Results - Citizens should be able to see the results of these guardrails being put in place.

    These guardrails will create spending habits that offer Shreveport citizens the proper amenities they want and deserve. These guardrails will create city departments that understand they are only managers, not owners of the money and resources they have been given. Finally, these guardrails will create a future for Shreveport that is fiscally secure.

    This is how we plan to create a "Clean Budget".

    Water both for drinking and recreation.

    Cross Lake (our water supply) has standing tires, shopping carts, and appliances left to decompose in our drinking water. This priceless asset is both our water supply and one of our absolute best natural resources we need to capitalize and preserve.