We want your feedback and recommendations to make Shreveport the very best

Together we can create community programs to create a city that is safe for our children to be raised in. Below tell us how you would solve crime in Shreveport.

    Working together to solve problems

    Want to make our city safe?

    Sign on bonuses

    As a soldier in the US army I witnessed first hand the draw of qualified applications on one time and reenlistment bonuses. Using one time monies for ongoing salaries is not sustainable however awarding dedicated officers for years in service while enticing new recruits is highly beneficial to our city and our loved officers. 

    Property tax relief

    We have many of our hard working law enforcement living outside the city limits and even outside of the state. If a property tax discount would allow more home owners in the city and allow for the presence of take home vehicles to show a police presence in our neighborhoods, I believe this is a benefit for all parties involved.

    Street lights are a must!

    We are going to address this in all three sections. Bright well lit streets and neighborhoods deter crime. Together We can achieve more by lights on homes and carports while receiving reduced energy bills.

    We have incentives from our power company to achieve this!

    We will dive into reporting street lights out in our last "C" Look at the "Customer Service Tab" for "Real time interactive city maps and issue reporting"

    Anonymous collection of advice from Law Enforcement and Fire

    Give us feedback and advice without the worry or fear of getting in trouble speaking out.

      Recharged neighborhood watch and community safe houses.

      We don't have to reinvent the wheel, We have amazing programs in Shreveport, we just need more connections and a new age way to link all the people and the services together. This will be covered more in the "Caddoconnect.org" or under the Customer Service Tab.